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Joshua Ludke: Cedar Waxwing

Madison artist, art teacher, hiker and birder, Joshua Ludke, has spent 3 years painting a wondrous series of Wisconsin birds. He is offering several of them to high bidders. This is a painting/wood carving of a Cedar Waxwing. Joshua: "I found bird forms in the wood I collected. Wings, feathers and beaks leaped out of the wood grain and asked to be painted and sometimes carved. In the first dozen or so pieces, I painted some imagined birds along with some real bird species. The more I painted, the more appreciation and longing I had to see the real birds, and so I started researching and decided I would take on the task of painting all of the birds who live in or visit our state. I spread the wood pieces all around my studio and tried to figure out which bird species' structure, color and personality fit the particular block of wood." Read more about Joshua and the birds here. Value: $60. Winner to pick up item after payment to RCC. Can ship if needed. Winner to pay actual shipping costs. Lot 048-5

Contributed By: Joshua Ludke

Current Bid: $22.00

Minimum Price: $20.00

Minimum Bid Increase: $1.00

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