The miniSpark for RCC! 2014 Online Auction to benefit Dane County Rape Crisis Center has ended as of Monday, May 12th 2014 at 12:00:00 PM CDT. Stay tuned for more details!

About Spark For RCC!

Welcome to our auction! Thanks for stopping in.

We're not employees of Dane County Rape Crisis Center – we’re volunteers and concerned community members who want to help.

The Spark auction started in 2012, upon the news of significant funding cuts to RCC’s programs – particularly the Community Education outreach and prevention activities.

With generous participation from over 100 donors and several hundred bidders, the first auction raised over $7,600 to support RCC’s essential free services in the community. Our second year, in 2013, we raised over $11,000!

This year, life has gotten in the way, a bit, and some new volunteers stepped up with the mini-Spark – a smaller, but just as cool, on line auction to keep the momentum alive!

The auction will open for bidding on 5/5 at noon and will close on 5/12 at noon. Winning bidders will be asked to pay their bid amount directly to Rape Crisis Center. RCC will notify us when a donation is made and we'll prepare your item(s) for pickup at Rape Crisis Center in Madison. Gift cards/certificates will be mailed. For other items, should you need shipping, it is available. Winner to pay actual shipping costs.

Please enjoy browsing our auction as we add new items over the course of April – and spread the word to friends and family! Beginning May 5, if you see an item or service that appeals to you-- please bid generously. It's all for Dane County RCC and the survivors they assist!

We hope this helps increase donations to Rape Crisis Center to ensure all of their free services and outreach continue.

Let's spark donations for Dane County Rape Crisis Center!